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Remnants of the Nerath Empire

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Nerath’s history stretches back to the dark ages which followed the destruction of Bael Turath and Arkhosia. It dominates world history from then until its fall one hundred years ago. The triumphs and follies of its 500-year-rule are well-told legends throughout the world today, though many details have been lost to the toll of unkind years. What characters know about Nerath has been colored by their homeland and upbringing, and only the most dedicated scholars know anything beyond common folklore—anything true, that is. It is well known that Nerath enjoyed a meteoric rise to power by filling the cultural and economic void after the wars that destroyed the old empires. Out of simple clans of farmers arose an incomparably vast empire forged through conquest and ingenuity by the legendary leader Magroth, first emperor of Nerath. At fifteen years of age, Magroth founded the imperial capital, lit the legendary Flame Imperishable, and led the growing Nerathi legions on decades-long marches of expansion which would claim most of the known world within his lifetime. The empire met its finish beneath the rending claws of a seemingly endless horde of gnolls and demons led by the mysterious “Ruler of Ruin.” With the central government destroyed, provincial kings banded together to defend what remained of the empire. One of them, the just King Elidyr (the last known descended of the Nerathi royal bloodline), took up the imperial crown and rallied a valiant defense of Nerath, but it was not enough. When Elidyr was slain, the Ruler of Ruin simply returned to the abyss, apparently content to leave the world in chaos. The remaining lords of the empire—fragmented, fearful,and desperate—fell upon one another for survival. Commerce ground to a halt. Famine spread. Hope withered, and the Flame Imperishable became a funeral pyre for the world’s greatest empire.

(King Elidyr ruled over this specific region of the Nerath Empire before taking over as Emperor)

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