The Modern Age

The Modern Age is the present age, starting with the rise of the human empire of Nerath. So far, only modern events are dated, even then they are often only approximates (e.g. “about 300 years ago”). “CY” is the current year, so an event 300 years ago will be noted as CY-300.

Rise of Nerath
The power vacuum left behind by Bael Turath and Arkhosia allowed Nerath to rise as a new human empire, uniting many different peoples. When elven forests or dwarven mines were overran by monsters, the survivors often flee to the nearest human town.

  • In the early days of the Nerath Empire, the famous wizard and explorer Aldron Farwanderer wrote the travel journals Aldron’s Chapbooks and created the magic items known as Aldron’s Fireboxes.
  • Hundreds of years ago, the city of Erathium was the prosperous jewel of culture and trade in the empire of Nerath. The covenant between the temple of Erathis and the imperial rulers was strong, with just King Pedrawd. Soon, however, King Pedrawd was using the avengers of Erathis to hunt his political enemies.
  • Many centuries ago, a human and elven kingdom had a border war separating the elven Princess Vahlia and human Prince Aben Hawkwinter who had fallen in love.
  • In “centuries past”, Karavakos, a human, made an infernal pact for a legion to secure his petty kingdom from wild monsters and civil rebellion. His kingdom expanded to rival Nerath. But when he tried to invade the Feywild, he was defeated. As a result of this the entire Nerath Empire banned anything infernal and anyone seen practicing the dark arts of a ‘warlock’ were to be put to death.
  • CY-500: The Primoridal Mual-Tar, imprisoed in the Elemental Chaos, begins to break free of its chains. (DR370, p.26)
  • CY-410: The minotaur city of Saruun Khel was abandoned after a civil war. The surviving minotaurs were cursed by Baphomet with mindless fury. (Another source dated the ruins to 300 years ago instead of 100 years before the founding of Fallcrest.)
  • CY-400: Events from the stories of the hero Vendar and the dragon of Nentir.
  • CY-400: The Faction War erupts in the planar city of Sigil when the Fated faction unsuccessfully tries to overthow the Lady of Pain. The faction of Mercykillers split once more into the Sodkillers and Sons of Mercy.
  • CY-310: Human settlers from Nerath move north into the Nentir Vale, establishing Fastormel, Harkenwold, and Winterhaven. Aranda Markelhay built the Moonstone Keep, around which Fallcrest began to grow.
  • CY-305: King Eothyr III commissioned the Society of Imperial Artificers to create an adaptive artificial being “more than three centuries ago”. His grandson, King Elidyr, would later redirect the project for war, resulting in the warforged.

The Fall of Nerath

  • CY-200: Gnolls join Orcs and create a group called the Bloodspears. The Bloodspears join with the Red Hand (goblins and minotaurs) to destroy the Nerath empire. The group collectively was known as the Army of Ruin.
  • CY-155: In Nerath’s final years, King Elidyr recalled the garrisons from the frontiers, urging them to surrender their posts to shore up the cities against the hordes of evil. Many returned to their native lands, but some stayed behind to shield the flagging kingdom against the other arrayed enemies as they had since the kingdom first spread beyond its first cities.
  • CY-150: King Elidyr died and the Nerath Empire finally falls to ruin.

Recent Times

  • CY-95: Resistance from the Nerath Empire tries to fight back the Bloodspear army and re-take Fallcrest. They were able to push forward, but the Bloodspears army, in spite, razed the entire city.
  • CY-90: A historian from Harkenwold compiled the histories of the nearby lands into a tome called The Living Tome of Pelor.
  • CY-60: In fighting between the Bloodspears and the Red Hand caused them to destroy one another, effectively ending any control that either group had over the Nerath empire.
  • CY-30: An earthquake caused a large portion of Vor Kragal to rise out of the ashes.
  • CY-20: The Iron Circle rises to prominence, portraying itself as a warrior society dedicated to stamping out disorder and driving back the encroaching desert raiders and jungle monsters.

The Modern Age

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