Benevolent Gods and Goddesses

Malevolent Gods and Goddesses

Lesser Divinities

  • Athearsauriv: The “Eye of Heaven” and exarch of Ioun, she was once a Mithril dragon and seer who grants visions to her with bewildering accuracy.
  • Baghtru: Exarch of Gruumsh.
  • Berronar Truesilver: Exarch and consort of Moradin.
  • Clangeddin Silverbeard: Moradin’s exarch and patron of dwarf warriors.
  • Corona Lysildya: The eladrin mistress of Faen Vardya in Arvandor.
  • Edarmirrik: Exarch of Erathis, and once a gluttonous gold dragon with a skill at managing underlings.
  • Erevan Ilesere: the Fey Jester, and a member of the Seldarine.
  • Fenmarel Mestarine: The Lone Wolf, and a member of the Seldarine.
  • Irfeljuhar: An exarch of Tiamat who once served Vecna and is unparalleled at the creation of rituals.
  • Kas: A former exarch of Vecna, who betrayed and dismembered the undead god.
  • Krag-Ik: Known as “Eight-eye”, a beholder turned exarch of Kord.
  • Maglubiyet: Once the patron god of goblins, now he is merely an Exarch of Bane.
  • Mornujhar: Tiamat’s Black Exarch, representing the black dragons.
  • Namissi: Tiamat’s Blue Exarch, and the true power in the City of Brass.
  • Nahua: The Glorious Feathered Emperor of the Cloud Court of he coatls.
  • Niuria: An angel of secrets dedicated to Vecna.
  • Sekolah: An aquatic exarch of Melora.
  • Shevarash: Of the Black Bow, and a member of the Seldarine.
  • Thurkearvaeri: An exarch of Bane called the “Nightdancer” who lives to incite war.
  • Torzak Belgirn: The Soul forge of Moradin, who crafted the Rod of Law to defeat the Queen of Chaos.
  • Vaprak: Exarch of Gruumsh.
  • Vivexkepesk: Bahamut’s exarch and champion, formerly a brass dragon.
  • Vocar: “The Disobedient”. A former exarch of Vecna, dwelling in Sigil.
  • Xihue: Nahua’s rival for Emperor of the Cloud Court, wh sees Nahua as a usurper.

The Nine Lords of Hell

  1. Bel: Archdevil and lord of Avernus, the first layer of Hell.
  2. Dispater: The Father of Strife, and an archfiend who rules Dis, the second layer of Hell.
  3. Mammon: The King of Greed, an archdevil who lords over Minauros, the third layer of Hell.
  4. Fierna: An archdevil who rules Phlegethos, the fourth layer of Hell.
  5. Levistus: An archdevil imprisoned in Stygia — the fifth layer of Hell over which he is lord — by Asmodeus for slaying Asmodeus’ first consort.
  6. Glasya: Asmodeus’ daughter, she is an archdevil who rules Malboge, the sixth layer of Hell.
  7. Baalzebul: The lord of flies and the archdevil in charge of Maladomini, the seventh layer of Hell.
  8. Mephistopheles: An archdevil who rules Cania, the eighth layer of Hell.
  9. Asmodeus: The evil god of tyranny and domination, patron of devils and ruler of Hell from Nessus, the ninth layer of Hell.

Lesser Archdevils

  • Adonides: The steward of Cania.
  • Alloces: Joined Asmodeus late, but quickly rose to become chief inquisitor.
  • Alastor: Asmodeus’ executioner.
  • Amon: A powerful pit fiend who served Levistus.
  • Assailra: Ruler of Malharak, a border island of Hell.
  • Azazel: An archdevil dwelling in Avernus.
  • Baalberith: Asmodeus’ chancellor.
  • Barbatos: Baalzebul’s marshal.
  • Beleth: Prince of imps, and spymaster for Glasya.
  • Belphegor: Warden of the hellfire beneath Mephistopheles’ palace.
  • Belial: The archdevil and father of Fierna.
  • Bifrons: Commander of a legion of ice devils in Cania.
  • Bivant: An archdevil dwelling in Dis as its Provost.
  • Geryon: Once the ruler of the fifth level of Hell, until he opposed Asmodeus and was overthrown, to be replaced by Levistus.
  • Islin: Queen of the Shores of Sorrow, one of Hell’s Border Islands.
  • Lenphant: The true ruler of Grenpoli, Baalzebul’s City of Guile.
  • Lilith: Baalzebul’s consort and an archdevil.
  • Malagarde: An archdevil and manipulator who stilled a civil war amongst the devils.
  • Moloch: An archdevil exiled from Hell for trying to overthrow Asmodeus.
  • Mysdem: The titular head of Grenpoli, Baalzebul’s City of Guile.
  • Nebaz: Baalzebul’s Herald of Lies.
  • Nergal: An archdevil dwelling in Avernus.
  • Nuncio: An archdevil of the Iron Tower, dwelling in Dis.
  • Phongor: Asmodeus’ inquisitor.
  • Raamoth: An archdevil dwelling in Avernus.
  • Sagirsa: An archdevil who rules the city of Jangling Hiter in Minauros.
  • Strezgaz: The Crackling, and co-ruler of the Fair Trade Islands orbiting Hell.
  • Svidanfi: The Queen of assassin devils, and co-ruler of the Fair Trade Islands orbiting Hell.
  • Tartash: High Marshal of Malboge and chief lieutenant of Glasya.
  • Titvilus: An archdevil dwelling in Dis.
  • Tymphal: An archdevil in Phlegethos, a mechanical genius.
  • Veris: The Weeping One, and ruler of Hell’s Border Island, Screamstone.
  • Virginian: The Virile, and also the Vile, lord of the Fair Trade Islands orbiting Hell.

Dead Divinities
Gods are ageless but not truly immortal. Some have been destroyed in the Dawn War, and elsewhere.

  • Amaan: Once enslaved an entity known as Kaestelaria. Little else is known.
  • Amoth: A god who slew the demon lord Rimmon and almost split Demogorgon in two, before Demogorgon and Orcus slew him in the Dawn War.
  • Aurom: A deity of many portfolios, slain by Nerull.
  • Bensozia: An Archfiend and Asmodeus’ first consort, slain by Levistus.
  • God of the Word: Died in the Dawn War, leaving his dominion Shom to his followers, the Illumians.
  • Hag Countess: Once the ruler of Malboge, until slain by Glasya.
  • Haramathur: The Guardian in Stone, the Eternal Watcher, who sacrificed himself during the Dawn War to prevent the Astral Sea from being overrun by the Elemental Chaos.
  • He Who is Not Named: The unknown patron of humankind, slain by Asmodeus after the Dawn War.
  • Io: God of all dragons, it was cut in twain during the Dawn War, and split into Tiamat and Bahamut.
  • Khaeleth: Sacrificed himself in the Dawn War, until only a shard remained.
  • Khala: Goddess of winter until Raven Queen and other gods defeated her when she tried to usurp too much power. Also the mother of Kord, and, presumably, Bane and Tuern.
  • Kronata: An ancient volcano god
  • Lakal: The slain god/living astral dominion of the quom.
  • Nerull: Once a necromancer who slew the deity Aurom to become the god of death, he was killed by the Raven Queen.
  • Nusemnee: The daughter of Zehir and a powerful devil, who converted to goodness and then was slain by a poison distilled from her father’s blood.
  • Sagawehn: A goddess of insects, slain in Arvandor by an eladrin band of heroes when she tried to crush all individuality.
  • Tuern: Killed by his brother Bane for perceived disloyalty during the Dawn War.
  • Zorthos: The late god of doubt and lassitude.
  • Zuriel: Once a god of wars of justice, now long forgotten.
  • An unknown god of shadows and secrets from whose flesh the primordial Balcoth forged a mask.
  • An unknown god whose dominion was Erishani.

These creatures of destruction dwell in the swirling maelstrom of the Elemental Chaos, beaten back by the gods in the Dawn War.

  • Balcoth: The Groaning King, he survives, headless, as a monstrous face of ash and cinder.
  • Byrakus: When injured in the Dawn War, his blood created the hydras. his fate is unknown.
  • Castanamir: The shattered khan.
  • Golden Monolith: A primordial presently pretrified on the astral dominion of Erishani.
  • Iktha-Lau: The Ever Empty, the utter cold from the darkest voids.
  • Imix: The Fire Lord, worshiped by several goblin tribes.
  • Mual-Tar: The thunder spirit. An ancient primordial chained by Moradin deep in the Elemental Chaos.
  • Nehushta: Builder of the stronghold of Glaur. His fate is unknown.
  • Olhydra: The Rain Queen.
  • Piranoth: The World Mover, creator and master of the Frost, Earth, and Fire Giants.
  • Shangar: The uncrowned.
  • Shax: The Devastator and Primordial of the Sea. Possibly died in the Dawn War.
  • Sisanthak: An elemental princess of snow, trapped in Frostburn.
  • Surtur: Lord of the Fire Titans.
  • Solkara: The Crushing Wave, is imprisoned within a glacier.
  • Thrym: The frost titan king.
  • Tziphal: The Mountain-Builder, he may be dead or simply imprisoned in a cairn deep in the Elemental Chaos.
  • Ulctilan-tilokla: Only partly real. Said to have germinated from the seed of the multiverse’s first dream.
  • Vezzuvu: The Burning Mountain, he is trapped in a field of radiance.
  • Vorsheen: An elemental princess of cinder, trapped in Frostburn.
  • Ysaga: The mad storm titan queen.

Demon Princes

  • Baphomet: Prince of beasts, and patron of minotaurs.
  • Codrichun: The Blood Storm, dedicated to the annihilation of all.
  • Demogorgon: The two-headed demon prince.
  • Graz’zt: Once an archfiend, he was corrupted by the seed of evil at the heart of the Abyss.
  • Jubilex: The Faceless Lord and patron of slimes and oozes.
  • Kostchtchie: The Prince of Wrath.
  • Kulnoghrim: A demon lord imprisoned by the Umbral Cabal. (Dr383, p.42)
  • Ogremoch: An elemental prince.
  • Oublivae: The Queen of Desolation.
  • Orcus: The demon prince of undeath.
  • Phraxus: An ultrodemonlord
  • Rajzak: Lord of the Spires, a devouring mass of regrowth and mindless rage.
  • Turaglas: The demon maw, one of the few demon lords born full-form from the Abyss, rather than as a corrupted Primordial.
  • Veshvoriak: A demon lord bound to the Iron Wastes.
  • Yeenoghu: Lord of Butchery and patron of gnolls.
  • Zuggtmoy: The Lady of Decay, a foul demon of slime and fungus.

Vile entities that once presided over a dying universe and introduced the shard of evil into the Points of Light, and who now pose as demon lords in their quest to conquer the multiverse.

  • Dagon: A massive aquatic master of tides.
  • Pazuzu: Who convinced Asmodeus to betray his master and steal a piece of the shard of evil.
  • Queen of Chaos: Defeated by the wond Duke of Aaqa, and dissipated in the Abyss, but not dead.

Dead Primordials
Like gods, primordials can be killed. Many died in the Dawn War.

  • Asima: A demon lord betrayed by the obyriths.
  • Erek-Hus: During the Dawn War, this Primordial slew Io, but was in turn slain by Bahamut and Tiamat.
  • Garash: Never seen after diving into the depth of the Abyss in pursuit of the shard of evil.
  • Gargash: Slain by Torog, but not before the Primordial cursed Torog with never-healing injury.
  • Haemnathuun: The Blood Lord, slain in the Dawn War.
  • Huer-Ket: A mighty Primordial slain by the combined efforts of Pelor, Erathis and Ioun.
  • Ilmeth: After feeling regret for the immortal lives he took, the titans under his command destroyed him for his weakness.
  • Master of Tides: One of the first Primordials to be slain in the Dawn War.
  • Mydianchlarus: An ultrodemon lord and hero fo the Blood War, until betrayed by Phraxus.
  • Miska: The Wolf-Spider, who served Tharizdun and the Queen of Chaos, until slain by the Wind Dukes of Aaqa.
  • Nihil: A primordial slain by Bahamut, but whose death, also slew and shattered the god-dominion Lakal.
  • Rimmon: A Demon Lord slain by Amoth in the Dawn War.
  • Sehil: A Primordial slain by Kord in the final battle of the Dawn War.
  • Tabrach-Ti: The Queen of Bronze and the first Primordial to be killed in the Dawn War. She was killed by Bane.
  • An unknown primordial who, so its dragonborn followers believe, was killed when the astral dominion of Celestia was dropped on it like a boulder.


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